Rahim Yar Khan: Son becomes his mother’s teacher, she completes her MSc

Asma has completed her MSc in psychology, and she has only just begun!

If there is a will, there is a way. If you want something passionately enough, no hurdle can stop you from getting there. This is what Asma Kiran’s story shows us.

Getting married at an early age, when she was only in her matric, Asma’s dream to get higher education could not be fulfilled. She wanted to continue her education but managing it with her responsibilities at home and four children, it was nearly impossible. However, dreams have no expiry date and she is a living, breathing example of it.

When her son reached his inter, she expressed her dream to pursue further education. The son, setting a unique example, supported her through it. He started to teach his mother and both passed their intermediate together. Now Asma has completed her MSc in psychology, and she has only just begun!

Here is their story:

Speaking to a media channel, Asma said she is thankful to Allah for her achievement. She added that if you have the will, the way paves. Nothing is impossible in life if you have the strength to pursue your dreams.

She said that she wants to further pursue her education and complete her MPhil and then earn a Ph.D. Asma made a special appeal to the government to support her education and accommodate her.

”I want to appeal to the government to support my journey to the doctorate and give me a job”.

Asma’s story is one of a kind. Not only is it a glimmering example for the women who are denied their right to education and are entangled in marriage at an early age, but it also is a model for sons. We often only expect our parents to support us through our dreams, but sometimes, they need our support too!

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