Sonam Kapoor Clarifies She Doesn’t Support Swara Bhaskar For Calling Pakistan A ‘Failing State’

The ban on ‘Veere Di Wedding’ in Pakistan disappointed many, but the lead actress in the movie Swara Bhaskar was quite ‘triggered’ by it. In an interview with her co-stars Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor and Shikha Talsania, Swara seemed quite offended on the ban in her neighbouring country and called Pakistan a ‘failing state’.

“They’re (Pakistan) a non-secular state. I’m not surprised at all. Why should we hold up Pakistan, which is a failing state – I don’t understand why we keep taking pleasure and feeling a sense of self-worth from all the silly things that happen in Pakistan,” – Swara commented in the controversial interview.

Though her fellow actresses quickly neutralized the situation, her comments did instigate a social media war. Even Indians pointed her hypocrisy as before getting on the big stage, Swara called Lahore as one of her favourite cities. But more than that, her fellow countrymen didn’t really like her role in the movie as they believe her to be a ‘misfit’ for a rich girl’s character. Along with the controversial and triggering remarks, Swara also came under fire for an overtly sexual scene in the movie.

Her co-stars stepped forward to defend her in the hot waters, however, Diva Sonam Kapoor also explicitly clarified that her defence is with regard to Swara’s character and not her comments against the neighbouring country. She said that she has nothing to do with her derogatory remarks on Pakistan.
“My defence of her has nothing to do with her comments on Pakistan! Get your fact right and stop trying to spread mischief and hate!” – Sonam said on her social media platform.

Sonam earlier also said that the hate Swara is getting for her role is beyond her.
“I think people just like to troll her because she has an opinion and a point of view and I guess that shows how much they love her because the other side of hate is always love, so Swara you have a lot of lovers!” – She said earlier.

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