Sonu Nigam Gets Stuck in Dubai: Netizens Are Trolling Him For His 3-Year-Old Azaan Tweet, Also Demand Action

In 2017, Sonu Nigam had tweeted against the use of loudspeakers for the call to prayer.

Bollywood playback singer, Sonu Nigam, has got into trouble for his 3-year-old tweet regarding Azaan. The tweet resurfaced on the internet after he got stuck in Dubai due to travel restrictions amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2017, Sonu Nigam had tweeted against the use of loudspeakers for the call to prayer.

“God bless everyone. I’m not a Muslim and I have to be woken up by the Azaan in the morning. When will this forced religiousness end in India? And by the way, Mohammed did not have electricity when he made Islam. Why do I have to have this cacophony after Edison?” Sonu Nigam had tweeted.

“I don’t believe in any temple or gurudwara using electricity to wake up people who don’t follow the religion. Why then? Honest? True?” Nigam had said in another tweet.

Following his tweets, he was severely criticized by social media users,which eventually led to him apologising for his comments. Furthermore, he had also deleted his account on the microblogging site.

सोनू निगम तुम कहाँ हो (Sonu Nigam Tum Kahan Ho) Trending on Top in India:

Social media users in India started trending the aforementioned hashtag after the news of the Bollywood playback singer being stuck in Dubai went viral.

People on Twitter are demanding Dubai police to take action against him, besides making some hilarious memes about the singer. Nigam was in Dubai to meet his son.

Here’s What People Have To Say:

Earlier, Dubai’s princes had also lashed out at an Indian Twitter user for his Islamophobic tweets.

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  • POS chaddi got stuck .. pay them some money they will dance as what chaddis do .. Ta thiya ta thiya owww .. this is bull shit I mean “Cow “ shit 🙂

  • I am an ex muslim. Left shitty Islam 5, 6 years ago. Fuck Islam and all stupid muslims. 1000 times fuck shit eater Arabs who the hell are Arab Princess or Arab Police? asslickers of american bithches. I hate azaan more than Sonu Nigam. Fucking shitty countries… In Iran they don’t do it to avoid discomfort to elderly people and sick people. This shits continues in India because in 2020 in India still people believe and follow imaginary gods and religion. Such a shame.

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