Sonu Nigam Said He Will Stand In Respect Of Pakistan’s National Anthem And Indians Absolutely Lost It

Sonu Nigam disappeared from social media battleground after he was thrashed for debating on Azaan. However, he is back to media and in no time rose another controversy. Sonu Nigam spoke to an Indian Talk show expressing his views about Supreme Courts decision of allowing national anthem to be played at public places.

He said that he doesn’t support that national anthem should be played at cinemas as it is against the decorum. He then said that just like he respects his parents and will never take them anywhere they won’t be respected, national anthem shouldn’t be played in places where it doesn’t get the respect it is worthy of.

His statement about not playing national anthem in public places a harsh response and criticism. People were divided over it. Some supported that what his statements were right but some also opposed it.

But what set the Indian Twitterati on fire was that later he said that if national anthem of Pakistan is played, he will stand in respect of it and the people of the country. Of course, this was a little too much to digest and Sonu was once again found at the receiving end of the criticism wire. His statement about Pakistani anthem caused an outrage and initiated a sizzling debate. People called him ‘anti-national’ for saying that also suggested him to leave India and go to Pakistan. Well, we wouldn’t mind that!

Look who’s here to add to the debate showing his national spirit and patriotism for ‘his country’.

Things got pretty spicy and messed up, didn’t they? What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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