‘You called me a shemale, called me names’, Mathira lashes out at Sonya Hussyn for bullying her

Sonya Hussyn's fans and co-stars flooded her comment section with adoration and praises and wished her well.

Social media witnessed the shortest online feud between two famous Pakistani celebrities on Tuesday. The stars involved in the feud were Sonya Hussyn and Mathira.

It all started when the actress Sonya Hussyn shared a recording of a tearful call with her previously estranged father on Instagram. The video post showcased the actress reconciling with her father on Father’s Day.

Sonya Hussyn captioned the video with a heartfelt caption saying:

If there ever was anything missing from my life, it was that I never got the chance to tell you how much I love you. But today, after hearing the words ‘I love you too’ from you, made me feel like my life’s purpose was complete.

Sonya Hussyn’s fans and co-stars flooded her comment section with adoration and praises and wished her well. However, one comment stood out from the rest.

The television host and model Mathira left a shady comment on Sonya Hussyn’s heartfelt post, saying:

These days, talk to your parents, heart to heart, but don’t forget to record it and post it.

She then proceeded to accuse Sonya Hussyn of bullying her at an awards show and said:

I hope you remember how you bullied me, titled me shemale, and called me names on our way to the IPPA Awards in London. I still remember crying.

Sonya Hussyn didn’t reply to Mathira’s comment and kept netizens hanging for an update. While people were expecting things to spiral in a hostile direction, Sonya Hussyn soon took to her Instagram story to share that the issue had been resolved.

According to details, Sonya Hussyn spoke to Mathira on call and shared that all the misunderstandings had been cleared. The actress further shared:

Depression is real and very difficult to deal with. Hearing that Mathira had to deal with it alone was indeed heartbreaking. If anyone needs me, I am just a call away.

Concluding the statement, Sonya Hussyn advised people to “talk things out” because “lack of communication only leads to housing angst and negativity.” Addressing Mathira directly, she also said:

You’re like a sister to me, and I’ll always wish you the best.

Finally, the actress requested her fans and followers to not pass judgments without contextualizing and hearing the other side.

Netizens are appreciating Sonya Hussyn for calling Mathira and clearing things out. The actress handled the situation maturely, which instantly settled the feud that was expected to spiral into a huge war.

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