Sonya Hussyn faces backlash for wishing her followers ‘Happy Quarantine’ – with her dog!

''Even your dog has a mask while humans are longing for it', wrote one user.


During the lockdown, celebrities are active on social media and interacting with their fans. Some are doing live sessions, some are sharing their daily routine to update their followers while others are indulged in different activities to kill time.

Amidst all this, Sonya Hussyn shared a picture of her with her puppy. Both of them are wearing masks and practicing social distance.

“Hello pals, as you can see me and Sonya observing social distancing. I want you all to please do the same. Wear a face mask, stay clean and stay indoors”, the picture was captioned. She also wished her fans and followers ‘Happy Quarantine’.

For this, the actress was mocked by people for wearing a mask at home and wasting it on a dog.

Here’s how her followers reacted to her post:

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