South African Star Imran Tahir in awe, after being mistreated along with family at Pakistan High Commission

The most awaited event for the cricket fans, the World XI series is up ahead. Scenes are being set for the event, but this tweet from Imran Tahir has sparked a hot debate on the social media and it is certainly not in the favor of Pakistan.

Imran Tahir, a player of Pakistani origin, who plays for South Africa now, tweeted that he and his family were mistreated at the Pakistani High Commission, when they visited there to obtain visas for the World XI tour.

Although, the first response of the public from Pakistan was apologetic, blaming everything on the ‘Sarkari Style’ and how sluggishly our bureaucracy works.

Yet, amidst all the responses, there was one with a stark recognition of the problem.

and there was another one pointing to the real problem, but in a very mild way

Since we know that how we are being criticized internationally for being the epicenter of terrorism, by our traditional rivals. We really had been struggling to get the game back into our country as a befitting rebuttal of the false propaganda of our enemies.

During the call of PSL 2017 finals in Pakistan, we already saw that the majority of the foreign players plainly denied to play in Pakistan. However, that one successful event sent a very strong message to the world and this time we saw a great turnover of the foreign players who are now ready to play in Pakistan.

Yet the lack on the part of our management is going to blow it off again, as it appears. The above mentioned tweets have asked very relevant questions from the very relevant person.

The Great Planning Skills of our PCB Chairman

It does not lie beyond the comprehension of a sane and reasonable mind that in such a scenario of global isolation and defamation, shouldn’t our PCB moved a bit pro-actively in this respect? Shouldn’t the High Commission be requested by PCB to ensure smooth processing at least for these International players, who are in fact the International Ambassadors to our country?

This tweet fathoms the gravity of the matter

and there is another on the same lines

Although, there had been some regretting remarks from the Government of PMLN, yet, they only appear to be firefighting at the moment, without a resolve to ensure that no such event be repeated for any other player.

Another hilarious thing about this response is that the person who is responsible is not answering it, rather the Minister of Interior. One may ask him that is it really what you are supposed to do? Where are the relevant people of Foreign Office and PCB?

However, this is not all, adding insult to the injuries, some one also told Imran Tahir that “You have left Pakistan, so you should wait”

The offshoots of the ‘Conspiracy’ of PMLN?

There are some critics who believe that all of this is being done intentionally for political point scoring. It was already publicized by the Pro-Nawaz group that the nosedive in the stock markets ahead of the Panama Case verdict was due to the decision of ousting Nawaz Sharif. Although the real reasons according to the specialists of economy were the blunders which were made earlier by the PMLN Government’s Ministry of Finance who over valued the rupee.

Likewise, this event also appears to be a chain link of the same series. In case if a few more international players decline to come to Pakistan due to such humiliating issues, then the Pro-Nawaz group can easily say that this is also due to the reason of removal of Nawaz from the Government, which has made the international players reluctant to come and play in Pakistan. This connotation can be read in the tweet below

But Pakistanis are Still Pakistanis

Showing their unconditional humility, humbleness and the passion for cricket, the Pakistani people have clustered the tweet with apologetic replies. The Nation has shown it to the player that they really have great respect for him

and there is a big list of replies in which people apologized for the maltreatment of the embassy staff and requested the celebrity to come to Pakistan and play, as they all want him to.




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