Born in the middle of Spanish Flu pandemic, 101-year-old man recovers from COVID-19 in a week

The guy was referred to as ‘Mr. P’ by the media.

Giving some hope to the atmosphere of fear and hopelessness, a 101-year-old man was discharged from hospital after recovering from COVID-19 in Rimini, Italy. This puts him amongst the oldest people on record to survive the virus, which is believed to be far more deadly for the elderly.

The man was referred to as ‘Mr. P’ by the media. He was admitted to a hospital last week after testing positive for the virus. This is the second pandemic Mr. P has survived. He was born in 1919 in the middle of the Spanish flu, which infected 500 million people.

His extraordinary recovery gives hope for the future. Mr. P’s survival is remarkable, considering how critical the virus is for the elderly. The confirmed COVID-19 cases in Italy have surpassed over 80,000.

Before him, a 103-year-old woman Zhang Guangfen living in Wuhan also recovered from the virus. South Korea also saw its oldest survivor, a 97-year-old female.

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