Special Squads Made In Lahore To Go After E-Challan Defaulters

34 warden officers will go across the city to recover all challan payments.


Seventeen special squads have been put together by City Traffic Police (CTP) to go after all e-challan defaulters in Lahore.

34 warden officers will go across the city to recover all challan payments. The teams will check all vehicles strictly across the city.

As the e-challan system gives the ticket to the address of vehicle owners, vehicles of defaulters can also be confiscated and their house can be raided. The vehicles will then only be released after payment, but no additional fine will be charged for the late payment.

According to details, in the starting CTP will hold accountable all the defaulters with big amount of unpaid challans. This crackdown will not end until all the clearance of the backlog is done.

CTP and PSCA (Punjab Safe City Authority) had launched the electronic challan system in Lahore last year, it has from then played an efficient part in controlling traffic violations.

During the last years, the number of e-challans have lowered big time in Lahore, as people are respecting traffic rules to avoid big penalty and fines.

E-challan in Lahore:

When an individual violates traffic law on the road, the camera captures the car’s number plate. Then a challan is generated and is sent off to the offender’s home by courier. Since all the details with visual evidence are attached to the challan, it saves the violator from any sort of ambiguity.

Another positive aspect associated with launching the E-Challan system is that it will keep track of all the traffic violations that have been previously committed as well. So, if an individual is found breaking the law repeatedly, the Punjab Police will take action against them by locking their vehicle.

The vehicle can be impounded in accordance with ‘Provincial Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1965’ for displaying irresponsible behaviour during driving. (SEE MORE HERE)

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