Sports Community Congratulates Imran Khan For His Historic Victory

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) has finally gotten the fruit they planted for over two decades. Winning with an overwhelming majority and emerging as the single most popular party in General Elections 2018, it is evident the kind of high hopes associated with Imran Khan – especially by the youth.

However, Khan has lived up to the expectations with his first victory speech. Very calculated, thoroughly inclusive and exceptionally humble, Imran Khan has impressed many – even his critics.

Khan touched many sensitive and significant issues Pakistan is currently facing. With expressing positive sentiments and strong will to improve the relationship with the neighbouring countries, Imran Khan invited India for a dialogue on the table for sub-continental peace.

Imran Khan said his government will take inspiration from Medina – first Islamic liberal welfare state. Showing strong will to work for those living below the poverty line, Khan said that he will strengthen the institutions that will monitor and ensure accountability.

Khan especially expressed his concern regarding the issue of stunted growth. He also talked about protecting minorities and addressed the concerns that previously rose due to his statements.
If the entire speech can be summarized in one word, that will be ‘hope’. 
His well-delivered and mature address has impressed people even more and Twitteratti couldn’t help but appreciate him. However, there is one specific community that is cherishing the moment – i.e the sports community. Without any restriction of nationality and boundaries that sets us apart, The cricketing legend’s 22-years long struggle leading to where he has reached today has gained a lot of support from his old teammates.

Here is how the cricketing community from across the globe extended their best wishes to Imran Khan:


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