Srha Asghar’s Incredible Body Transformation Story Will Blow Your Mind [Pictures]

She also shared her diet plan.

There was a time when a few Pakistani actresses used to be ridiculed for being obese, which is unacceptable in the showbiz industry.

However, times have changed and now, there is a competition going on between celebrities for being the fittest among all. Pakistani actress, Srha Asghar is among many celebrities who was mocked for being over-weight in the early days.

The Pyaar Ke Sadqay actress took to Instagram to share her incredible body transformation story.

“7 years later.. Here is a short motivational story for you all,” she began her post. “It is not easy and it will definitely make you cry over and over again through the entire process. I have been through very tough times during my journey, specially when you have to balance your studies, work life, home life and of course the kick ass competition on daily basis,” Srha Asghar wrote. 

The beautiful actress also reminded her haters that no matter what they say, she will never give up on herself.

“But you know what all these years I made sure to show/prove to all those people who have let me down, who thought I will never make it, who constantly made fun of me, called me names and thought I would give up. No that’s not me. I don’t give up on myself because I love myself and I do each and every effort to make me feel happy about how I am.”

Moreoever, she also urged her fans not to doubt themselves because “if I can do it, you can too”. Srha Asghar also shared her diet plan.

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  • I thought Pyar Ke Sadqay was your first drama. Loved you in it. Just found out that you used to be over weight. What great achievement to loose it all! Always believe in yourself. Would be looking forward to seeing you on tv.

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