Sri Lankan Muslims looking towards PM Imran Khan to speak for their rights

They are in high hopes that PM Imran Khan will speak to the officials to highlight their issues.

Sri Lankan Muslims are struggling to find their rights.

The Buddhist-majority of Sri Lanka has made cremation mandatory for people who die of coronavirus since March 2020. The new rule outraged Muslims all around the world; even Christians were not happy with it. 

Women’s rights activist and co-founder of the Women’s Action Network, Shreen Saroor, addressed PM Imran Khan and said:

PM Imran Khan must use his visit to assist in our struggles for human rights, justice, and accountability for all in Sri Lanka.

Following this, the Sri Lankan Muslims expressed that they hope PM Imran Khan would speak for them and discuss their concerns during his visit to the island nation later this month. They are in high hopes that PM Imran Khan will speak to the officials to highlight their issues.

PM Imran Khan welcomes the Sri Lankan Prime Minister.

Latest reports on the matter state that Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has assured that the island nation’s government will allow Muslims to bury their dead.

PM Imran Khan took to Twitter to welcome Rajapaksa’s assurance in the Sri Lankan parliament:

According to reports, the premier is expected to visit Sri Lanka on the 23rd of February to meet the Sri Lankan president, prime minister, and foreign minister. PM Imran Khan will also address the Sri Lankan parliament.

Sri Lankan Muslims are hoping PM Imran Khan fights for their rights.

If the visit goes as planned, this will mark Imran Khan’s first official visit to Sri Lanka after taking over the office. Sri Lankan Muslim Council president, NM Ameen said:

We will welcome PM Imran Khan with great pleasure. He is in a vantage position to speak on behalf of the Sri Lankan Muslims.

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  • First leader of Muslims all over the worlds. Not only PM Imran Khan is last hope for pakistani Muslims but all the muslims in the world

  • To burn a body under certain circumstances is not haram. The practice and tradition of us Muslims is that we bury and this is the preference but under difficult situations a body can be cremated.

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