Stabbed 23 times to now a graduate in Law – Khadija Siddiqui is a true inspiration

Khadija Siddiqui’s journey is inspiring in so many aspects and is a true role model for women of Pakistan. How she was stabbed 23 times, lead an incredibly strong fight to just against his influential opponent and finally acquired justice in a country where weak can only dream of it is exhilarating.

It is more thrilling to see how she is now officially an advocate, graduating with her law degree this Tuesday. The kind of impact she can potentially make to the justice sphere in Pakistan, being seen the best and worst of it. The now advocate took to Twitter posting and announcing it.

“They plan, and Allah plans. Surely, he is the best of planners. Alhumdulilah Graduation! @UoLondon” – Khadija wrote in her tweet.

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She rose to the national spotlight after she survived an attack by her classmate. She was stabbed more than twenty times in broad daylight. She sustained serious injuries in the attack, but rather than becoming a victim, she chose the other path and become a survivor. She fought the legal battle against her attacker Shah Hussain. Due to her struggle, Shah was handed over a seven years long jail term after being found guilty of attempted murder before being acquitted on appeal to the High Court.
However, the decision was overturned later on. She said that her case serves as an example for every woman.
“Today for every woman, a precedent has been set that by raising your voice you will be victorious in the battle against the truth. The truth can never be hidden, it always comes to light. And today’s decision has proven that if you misuse your power, you will reap what you sow as has happened today” – she said. 
Her resilience has been celebrated and looked up to by people, hence her graduation was celebrated by them as well.

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