She Started Filming Him But He Still Continued Staring – What’s So Amusing About A Female Driver?

A few days back we shared with the story of a brave female teacher who travels 30 km on a bike every single day in compromising security situations to teach her students. Where we all lauded her efforts and commitment towards her passion of educating children from far-flung tribal areas, let’s revise and not forget the courage it takes for a woman to fight the societal attitudes, which keep pushing her back in the four walls.
Meet Mahjabeen Baloch: The Teacher Who Travels 30km Daily On Her Bike To Teach Students

A Facebook user, Sundus Khalid, just provided us with a glimpse of that. It is nothing new or unordinary – as if we have not been at the receiving or giving end, we have definitely been on the facilitating end for staying silent even when it happened right in front of our eyes.
But going through what she faced and watching it in the video clips is unsettling. Unsettling and uncomforting for how relatable it is for most of the women in our society.

Source: Express Tribune

Sundus shares that she was properly dressed, had her car tinted and apparently there was nothing unusual about her, except that she was driving. She added that unwanted staring and following isn’t the something that she experienced for the first time. She specifically addressed that she isn’t concerned about the individual’s privacy as despite seeing her recording him and considering it a warning, he continued with his uncomforting behaviour.
Sundus also highlighted that she has a supportive circle which is why her freedom isn’t restricted but not all are blessed with it. Here is what she had to say:

What she went through a common practice but now with developing social media and awareness, this needs to have our attention. We should be at least verbally condemning this to put an end to it and make the roads secure for the young generation!
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