Startup Al-Falah Takes An Initiative To Empower Girls Since Childhood

Refugee school children receive their new books on the first day of the new school year at one of the UNRWA schools at a Palestinian refugee camp al Wehdat, in Amman, Jordan, September 1, 2016. REUTERS/Muhammad Hamed – RTX2NRFG

Employee turnover is a massive challenge faced by an organization as with being costly, it also has a negative impact on the organizational culture. Turnover, in the context of human rights, is the act of replacing an employee with a new employee. To have a smooth working mechanism for the organisation, it is imperative to have your staff satisfied with their working environment and the perks they are being offered.

“What makes an employee leave the organization?” – asks the start-up Al-Falah, incubated at NIC Karachi. The team says that we need to reflect what causes dissatisfaction among employees and what compels them to consider alternate options – especially the low tier management (sales representative, order booker, merchandiser, supervisor, supplier, daily sales representatives etc).

With detecting the problem, they have also come up with an innovative solution to address it.

“We convert the schools of these children to quality standard education school chains and encourage the employer to bear a certain percentage of the fee structure and the remaining to be contributed by the employee” says the founder of Al-Falah Saad Tanveer.

They came up with the initiative in a bid to assure education for all kids. They say that each employee family has an average of three kids. Due to low income and fewer employee benefits offered, only one kid among three goes to school. This results in child marriages and them being forced into child labour. Particularly, due to societal stereotypes, 70% more girls are denied their right to education. This initiative will help address the need so no child is deprived of quality education and empower girls particularly.

Al-Fateh intends on providing quality education to children regardless of gender, and secure their future. They will be providing girls with competitive education and equal opportunities for urban and rural areas.

“We must make a joint effort towards supporting girls’ education and realize the economic benefits of investing in girls’ education as every girl forced to remain uneducated is a girl we have failed.” – says Co-Founder of Al-Falah, Marium Khan.

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