EXPOSED: State land worth PKR 20bn ‘transferred’ to influential private party in Sindh through fake entries

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Sources have revealed that state land worth PKR 20 billion was ‘transferred’ in Sindh through fake entries.

Despite the report of the concerned officials, the matter has been pending before the Senior Member Board of Revenue (SMBR) Sindh since 2019, allegedly to favor the influential private party involved.

Against the fake entries, a private party has been claiming 2,082 acres of government land. These fake entries were made many years ago, and the land in question was sold to different parties over the years to secure it.

On Monday, Transparency International Pakistan (TIP) approached the Sindh chief secretary, Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah, with all the relevant records and sought his intervention to recover the government land from the alleged illegal occupants.

 In 2019, the commissioner Hyderabad had written letters to the concerned authorities to cancel the alleged bogus entries of 2,082 acres, under section 3 of the Cancellation of Bogus Entries of Government Land Act, 2009.

According to the TIP, the Senior Member Board of Revenue did not cancel the bogus entries, which was a mandatory requirement after the entries in the Record of Rights were reported.

 The TIP asked the Chief Secretary, to investigate the allegations considering the original documents. If the report of fake entries is found correct, immediate action must be taken to cancel the bogus entries.

The regulatory body also demanded action against all those responsible for this illegal act, including the officials and the beneficiaries. Moreover, action must also sought against those officers responsible for delaying the cancellation of the bogus entries of 2,082 acres for more than two years.

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