Steel Mills, Power Plants and now PIA: Here’s how Russia is developing stakes in Pakistan’s economy

According to sources, Russia would now be developing its stakes in the economy of Pakistan at a great level and as of now, a Russian delegation of 64 members presided by Denis V Manturov, Russian Minister for Trade and Industries, would now be visiting Pakistan on 8th December till 11th December to attend the meeting of Inter-Government Commission.

The development of Russian stakes: 

Russia is the country that has contributed a lot to the Pakistan economy by building various power plants as well as steel mills. Other than that, it has installed many hydel turbines and repaired the power plant in Jamshoro. It even played a significant part in building the Pakistan tower that we call ‘Minar-e-Pakistan’.
Recently, it has been making the rounds that Russia is insisting to help Pakistan reconstruct its steel mills so that it can become economically viable for the country. Apart from that, they’ve also offered to help us build the railway tracks from Taftan to Quetta.

Expanding Pakistan International Airlines: 

As mentioned by Economic Affairs Division officials, Russia will soon provide Sukhoi 100-Passenger Super Jet Planes to Pakistan International Airlines. Another update to date is that the much-delayed project of the North-South gas pipeline is also under discussion with the Russian Federation.
Around five meetings have taken place at the IGC level between Pakistan and Russia in recent months on the technical and scientific cooperation and economic trade. It is said that Pakistan, along with Russia, would figure more routes for assistance on the economy, trade, technical, and scientific zones in the next IGC meetings.
As stated by the officials, the next meeting would take place on December 9th where working groups of Pakistan and Russia would talk about energy; while, another session for trade and industries would be arranged on December 10th. After that, there would be a plenary meeting on 11th December in the country’s capital.


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  • Looking forward for the better relationship between both the countries i.e Pakistan and Russia. Things are gonna change. We must appreciate it.

  • Multi nations involvement in developing Pakistani resource infrastructure is the best way to eliminate non trustworthy American collaboration/s. In such meetings ensure those Government officials and policy makers are kept away in discussions who have already settled their children in USA and are in a mode to secure their own green cards through back doors. Such a corrupt mafia is the biggest hurdle to craft descent collaborative deals with non US based companies.

  • Great efforts of current government leading by ik.. Thanks to Russia who consider our basic problems.

  • This is a good sign on part of Russia but on the other hand we have dumb authorities who prefer personal interests over national interests. If our ministries prove capable themselves in handling this trade contingent of Russia it will be a blessing of ALLAH for Pakistan

  • We need Russia to be Pakistan’s close friend. Due to its presence as neighbour, Russia’s friendship is more important than US. And will be beneficial for both countries.

  • Gud for both ctrys as dependency only on china is also not suiting Pakistan. So should extend its list of friends

  • Any help is a double sided sword. No one ever helps a weaker partner at his own expense. Pakistan must play its cards carefully. One thing that I surely agree is never upset your relationship with potentially good neighbours.

  • In my opinion at have many fectors.1stly Pakistan have a potential to grow up in market as a second best potential power.2ndly Rusia need a door to Indian and Chinese market. I mean CPEC. 3rdly Rusia industry mostly depend on steel and Pakistan have geographic resource to produce steel.4thly Pakistan have a larger budget for defence goods and Rusia is seeking untrust.5thly now after spilit Rusia is going to stable and they need strong support from Pakistan.

  • For God sake, not the Sakhoi 100. Less then 200 been produced since it started production. Already three fatal accidents, and lots of issues with reliability. Everyone is returning these airliners back. Dozens are in storage. No one wants them. Get A320s instead.

  • Good to see that both countries have realised to repair their damaged relationship where both countries have made grave mistakes in understanding each other. Russia has been considering Islam as it enemy and Pakistan under us propaganda and influence has been considering Russia as enemy of Its basic ideology. However now the seem to have realised that being neighbours and extremely important countries have more points and channels to cooperate and be friends than having any real point to remain rivals and wnemies

  • Its very encouraging that Russia is collaborating on various fields of economy to give it boost. For years, Russia has been extending friendly trade relations with Pakistan and now at a time when Pakistan’s economy is in shambles, Russia’s volunteering itself to help Pakistan is very appreciable.

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