STEM education begins in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to ensure the progressive education of children

According to media reports, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has officially become the first province in the country to teach STEM courses in schools. The courses will initially be observed in the Peshawar’s Government Higher Secondary School Mathra.

What is STEM Education?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It refers to a type of education that integrates the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM is not just subjects. It is a whole teaching methodology. It emphasizes the principle of learning through experiences. Based on the learning-by-doing method (hands-on learning). The STEM methodology proposes that through activities in which technology is used. For example, through educational robotics, students can learn hard science concepts more effectively. In contrast, it can also help develop socio-emotional skills, such as teamwork.

4 Million Schools will be Empowered

The province’s Department of Education has partnered with Future Pakistan to empower more than 4 million government school students with several skill-based courses from primary to higher secondary levels. Speaking about the project, Omar Farooqui, Founder and Chairman of Future Pakistan, said:

We are very proud and excited that Future Pakistan is playing a crucial role alongside the provincial government in developing the progressive future of the children of KPK. Future Pakistan has received a mandate from the KPK Education Ministry to provide STEM education and health support to children studying in government schools.

Farooqui also lauded KPK Education Minister Shahram Khan Tarakai’s commitment to education and said:

We are grateful to Minister Tarakai, who supported us and gave us huge responsibility. Without his guidance and the Education Department’s support, this endeavor would not have been possible. Minister Tarakai is very committed to the cause of empowerment of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa children with 21st-century skills and education.

Concluding his statement, he said:

We will provide three short courses on different technology skills to students every year for five years across the province. We started our first school in Peshawar and will be adding schools organically. A Hackathon will be organized every year to showcase the local talent and skills these children have acquired over a year. It will be a gradual learning process. The idea is to produce the best technology brains not just for Pakistan but also for the world, making Khyber Pakhtunkhwa the breeding ground of tech talent in South Asia and beyond. Students and their families would also be provided regular health checkups and medical support from the next month. We believe that a hungry and sick child and family cannot learn anything no matter how much effort we make. A good education has to be complemented with good health support. Hence Future Pakistan wants to make sure that every child and family benefits from this scheme.

Students Excited about the Scheme

Mohammed Arsalan, a grade 8 student at the Government High School in Mathra Peshawar, iss very excited to attend the first STEM education class. He said:

My father is a carpenter. I want to become a software engineer and help my father and his business grow globally. I never thought that I would start learning these courses from my school. This is very exciting. I am very thankful to my school for making my dream. Students like me can acquire the knowledge and skills to build our future and fulfill our ambitions.

Although the government has put forward an excellent initiative for children in KPK, only time will define STEM education’s success in Pakistan.

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