Step-by-step guide to earn money online from ‘affiliate marketing’ in Pakistan

Affiliate marketing entails making a commission by advertising a product or service provided by another retailer.

If you ask any successful online businessman how to make money online, and the first thing many of them will say is by affiliate marketing.

However, before getting to the main part, we must know what affiliate marketing is and how it works.

Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing entails making a commission by advertising a product or service provided by another retailer. It is just like a salesperson’s job, but better. Here, you are not only working for a single company product or service, but you are promoting various companies and earning commissions from all of them.

Here is how affiliate marketing works?

The retailer gives each affiliate a unique link so they can track who made a sale. When someone clicks that link, a cookie file gets stored on their device that helps the retailer attribute the sale to the right person. 

Let’s say a person visits your blog or post to find a shoe. They click on one of the affiliate links, which directs them to the product. If they purchase the product through your referred link, then you get a commission from the sale.

How to start affiliate marketing

To start an affiliate marketing business, use the following step-by-step guide.

Select your platform

The first step will be picking the platform you want to build your audience around. Every affiliate marketer has a different strategy and platform. There are many affiliate marketing approaches you can choose from based on multiple methods:

  • Niche topic These are sites that review products for a specific audience. This method needs you to create content related to the review space and post regularly to draw your audience’s attention.
  • Digital content. Digital content creators include YouTubers, Bloggers, and social media influencers. They create content that resonates with a target audience. The purpose is to introduce niche products their audience will enjoy naturally. It increases the chances they will buy, and you will earn an affiliate commission.

Select the Affiliate Programs

Here are the different types of affiliate programs:

  1. High-paying, low-volume affiliate programs
  2. Low-paying, high-volume affiliate programs
  3. High-paying, high volume affiliate programs

High-paying, low-volume Affiliate Programs

These programs pay much higher commissions, but they have pretty low search volumes. You receive higher pay-outs for selling a specific niche product. The programs are pretty competitive because many skilled marketers are always looking to join these programs. For example, you will be promoting a particular business software that doesn’t appeal to a larger audience. As you will be starting, it is better to start with this option.

Low-paying, High-volume Affiliate Programs

These programs have low pay-outs but have immense appeal. They include an example of video games which many people buy, and they will pay more than $50 for the games. Therefore, if they purchase it through your affiliate link, you will be getting a $3 to $4 commission from the sale. There are tons of products in these programs, and you will be selling all of them. So, if you get lucky with the sellouts, you will be earning quite a good amount at the beginning.

High-paying, High-volume Affiliate Programs

These programs have higher payments and have products with massive appeal. For example, credit cards have a long-term value for buyers. So if you can get the sale, you will be receiving a pretty handsome amount. But the problem here is that there are a lot of marketers with professional skills and expertise that you can’t compete with as a beginner.

After models, it is time to select the affiliate program that you think is most suitable. There are various popular affiliate marketing programs like AmazonClickbankShareAsale, etc. You can search for these programs on google, and then you are all set to join and start your affiliate marketing business.

Promote Affiliate Links

The last step is to place those links and get clicks on them. Sometimes, even creating great content doesn’t guarantee people to click on those links. You can promote the links by writing a review about the product, putting an ad on your blog or site, email promotions, discounts, and giveaways.

These are some techniques that you can use to promote the affiliate links and get clicks on them. Moreover, do not place the links at the end page, as most people usually don’t scroll down to the end of the page.

Don’t expect your affiliate marketing business to instantly grow, as it will take time. So, be patient and follow the steps mentioned above to make a decent income from affiliate marketing.

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