“Stop Harassing Digital Journalists” – Digital Publishers #StandUnited against acts of harassment

The digital publishers of Pakistan demand justice and respect by the government against harassment acts by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Harassment cases of journalists have increased significantly in number over time. The digital publishers of Pakistan have finally decided to step up against these occurrences. They have collectively voiced their concerns over the recent journalist harassment cases against the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Several media publishers have come forward to expose the high-handedness of the FIA officials. According to reports, the FIA authorities are serving baseless notices to individuals in what appears to be mere victimization of digital journalists. FIA officials have harassed an alarming number of Siasat.pk editors and reporters for making inquiries against the organization.

A Note by Digital Publishers

Digital publishers have a crucial role in the local media industry and are essential for keeping the spirit of journalism alive and letting the truth prevail.

It is high time that authorities and organizations stop exploiting and manipulating others using their power and position. Digital publishers have rights and deserve to be respected for the work they do.

We request authorities to serve any such notice in an appropriate manner under an official capacity. Digital journalists are ready to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies if needed fully.

However, no digital publishers will tolerate unfair and repetitive acts of harassment being carried out of personal vendetta. We stand united against such acts of harassment aimed at curbing the dissenting voices in society.

Free speech is the true essence of journalism, and digital publishers believe in it wholeheartedly. We reiterate that muffling the difference of opinion and resorting to politically triggered actions will only harm the system.

The digital publishers of Pakistan demand the government to immediately notice the matter and help stop these acts of victimization.

We stand united in each other’s support and hope that the government will soon take swift action to stop such vile acts. We look forward to the freedom of speech and an environment that nurtures our role and allows us to play our part in the betterment of this world.

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