#StopBlamingPakistan | Pakistan Responds To Indian Jingoism


Following hateful attacks and one-sided blame game by the neighbour, Pakistan has finally responded to the jingoism. PM Imran Khan came up with a bold and concise response to the entire situation. With assuring India cooperation on all fronts if they produce any evidence of Pakistani land being used for terrorist anti-state activities, Khan also warned that in case of any action, Pakistan will retaliate with equal volume.

“If Indians believe that they can launch an attack on Pakistan, they should understand that Pakistan would not think, but retaliate immediately as there will be no other option.” – Khan said. 

He added that no law in the world gives the country the authority to be the “judge, jury and executioner”. PM said that starting a war is very easy, but the consequences and damages are ever-lasting. We never know where it will end and where it will lead to.

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“An idiot could think to do so to sabotage his visit. Why at this stage when Pakistan was going for peace and stability?” – he said.
Rest assured, he said that Pakistan is ready to talk to India. He urged the Indian leadership to break free from the shackles of the past and understand the significance of peace in the region.
Following it, Pakistanis also gave their love for PSL a rest and expressed their take on the matter:



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