Story book about Edhi is aimed at educating children about their hero

The new children's story book 'Edhi Baba' is aimed at introducing kids to their hero, an inspiration and humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi.



  • Children’s story book about Edhi is aimed at introducing kids to their hero.
  • This is a fresh breakthrough as our literature is mainly dominated by heroes of the past or West.
  • To introduce children to the great humanitarian, author and illustrator Maria Riaz Tauseef wrote Edhi Baba.

Pakistan has its own heroes who have made a positive impact in the society against all odds. However, our literature does not encourage them and our children do not know the names a eloquently as they know the ones belonging to other parts of the world.

Speaking of Pakistani heroes and raising our upcoming generation with the love and compassion we want to witness in this hateful society, we must teach them about the legacy of the great humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi.

The new children’s story book ‘Edhi Baba’ is an art in itself. The author and illustrator Maria Riaz Tauseef aimed at filling the void and not only introduce children to inspirational humanitarian and philanthropist, but also to encourage representation of these well-deserved Pakistanis in these heroic tales. She added that with the help of the book she will donate to Edhi Foundation.

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Author says her story book on Edhi aims at introducing a super power which can be adopted and replicated by all of us, i.e, the power of a big heart.

“Edhi is our national hero. In this book I have presented him as a super hero whose super power is big-heartedness”.

Help others and you will be a ‘super hero’:

The internationally acclaimed philanthropist has set a new different criteria for being a super hero. Without some super natural powers, to make a difference, all you need is a big, compassionate and accepting heart.

“By helping people, one will become generous and turn into a superhero.”

Edhi’s superpower is his generosity and kind heart. The kids are taught about a hero who does not have a lot of money to donate, but he starts with whatever little he has. It is to encourage a sense of social responsibility among children to motivate them to contribute positively to their capacity.

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