Story Of Pakistan’s ”Iron Lady” Muniba Mazari Is Being Added In Textbooks And That’s Exactly What We Need!

In a society like ours where women are ‘overprotected’ to an extent that makes them incapable to survive alone, Muniba Mazari continues to break all stereotypes and stun the world by the power of a strong woman.

Pakistan’s Iron Lady lost her ability to walk when she was only 20 due to a car accident. Leading a life when you are born with a physical disability is hard, but being perfectly normal and losing it to an accident is a struggle beyond imagination. Not just it puts you in a mental stress but just putting up with everything and will to live becomes a challenge too.

However, Muniba didn’t let her circumstances define her worth. She came out stronger and more confident. Not just in Pakistan, she became a figure of strength and determination for the entire world to see and follow.

Know Her Entire Story Here:

Now, her story is being added in textbooks by Sarhad Book Board.

Apart from the fact that she has achieved it and deserves it, this change is truly revolutionary. She is the she-roe of current times and we need to talk about the role models who exist in the present more than the past. It is not a disregard for people who have achieved in the past but our youngsters need heroes that they can relate to in present times since a lot has changed.

We live in the age of the Internet and we assume that everything is as perfect as it appears to be. This assumption especially impacts the vulnerable minds of children and teenagers because realistically our lives aren’t as perfect as the people on the Internet. Making our young generation aware of people like Muniba Mazari will allow them to see the world from a point of view they can relate more. Her story is truly inspiring and shows that if you know where you are headed at and what your goals are, nothing in this world can stop you. After all, at the end, it all starts from within!

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