Student hung upside down & beaten in Rawalpindi seminary, cleric arrested

  • The student in a Madrassah hung upside down by the cleric.
  • Police arrested the culprit.
  • PTI government talks about equal opportunities for students. Is the ground reality somewhat different?
  • Registration and regularization of religious seminaries were included in the 20 points National Action Plan.
Police arrests the cleric who hung the student upside down inside madrassah – photo courtesy Express.

The registration and regularization of religious seminaries were included in the 20 points National Action Plan. Another point in the same plan refers to the strict action to be taken against intolerance, extremism. The new leadership of the country often talks about educational upbringing and equal opportunities for all but children that are receiving education in religious seminaries hardly get a chance to appear in the limelight.


The video that is widely shared on social media platforms showing a student hung upside down in a seminary raises so many questions as to the future of these students. What they are being taught in these seminaries? Are we teaching them violence and intolerance?

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Police took notice of the video and launched investigations of the incident. They traced the culprit who brutally beat the child hanging him upside down. According to Police, the incident occurred at Taleem-ul-Quran Islamic Academy Kashmirian which falls under the boundary of Sadiq Abad Police Station. A case has also been registered against the cleric.


Although, PTI government announced to regularize madrassahs and the inclusion of modern subjects like science and technology into the syllabi of these seminaries but the situation on the ground still waiting full-scale implementation of the plan.

What should be done?

  • The religious seminaries must be regularized with immediate effect.
  • After regularization, an emiscode must be assigned to each madrassah to assist in the recognition and location of the madrassah.
  • Proper monitoring of religious seminaries must be done by the public sector institutions.
  • Fundings to religious madrassahs must be regularized and a proper state control mechanism for these madrassahs must be in place.
  • The government must undertake adequate measures to appoint competent staff at the seminaries so as to guide the students in a better way.
  • Corporal punishment must be tackled with an iron fist.
  • Implementation of the National Action Plan must be ensured at the earliest.

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