WATCH: The heartwarming story of a student who taught his school guard for three years

This will make your day!

When it comes to kindness, there’s no nation that is ahead of Pakistanis, and the country’s youth has proved that again and again.

Muhammad Ahmad, an O-levels student from Beaconhouse Newlands, has set an example for the rest by teaching his school’s guard Kashif Ali for over three years. Muhammad taught him English, Mathematics, and Urdu.

Kashif is very fond of English movies, and to understand what he was watching, he wanted to learn English. He also believed that knowing English would make him more presentable to the people visiting the school.

Seeing his drive for education and knowledge, Muhammad started from scratch and taught him the English language. Kashif learned well and seeing his progress, Ahmad says that he’s proud of him.

According to Muhammad, a charity in any form, be it mental, intellectual, or financial, can do wonders for society.

”This is something I learned over the years, from my experiences at both home and school”, he said.


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