Students From Major Cities Of Pakistan Will Be On Streets Protesting Tomorrow – Here’s Why

Students resistance forum Progressive Students’ Collective (PSC) is organizing student solidarity march in all major cities of Pakistan tomorrow in favour of protection of student rights.

Student struggle, after facing a lengthy detention period, seems to be regaining pace, rising to prominence in Pakistan. The march intends on bringing the affectees of Pakistan’s choked education system at one platform to demand their rights as one, potent, loud voice.

The students unanimously plan to put forth their charter of demands, that includes comprehensive and detailed narration of issues that Pakistani students are facing during current times of crisis.

The working age population is increasing at a fast-paced rate while the lack of decent employment opportunities show that country’s aggressive job market is not ready or has the capacity to absorb them. Students will also be marching against fee hike, gender discriminatory policies and restriction of cultural expression and critical thinking on campuses.

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  • student representation in the decision-making bodies of universities 
  • lifting ban on student unions
  • issuance of degrees to students from universities recently labelled illegal/unrecognised by HEC
  • access to quality education for under-developed areas
  • formation of committees to address on-campus sexual harassment incidents
  • allocation of 5% GDP to education
  • taking back the decision of fee increase, no increase in the fee for next 5 years
  • quality of education to be improved to comply with modern parameters 
  • uniform education policy and curriculum for public and private institutions 
  • the university audit report should be made available for students 
  • freedom of expression on campus
  • provision of free internet, transport, library, quality hostels to accommodate students 
  • disrespectful treatment of students in the name of security should immediately stop
  • students from provinces outside Punjab to be treated without discrimination 
  • eliminating hateful content from textbooks 
  • permission of cultural expression and promotion of national regional languages 
  • hostel curfew timings to be made same for both male and female students 
  • public holiday on 13th April, must be formally declared ‘Mashal Khan Day’ 

The march will be observed in major cities of Pakistan tomorrow, 30th November 2018. Following is the venue:

Lahore: Istanbul Chowk to Charing Cross

Karachi: Arts Council to Press Club

Jamshoro: Press Club

Khairpur: Old Canteen Shah Abdul Latif University 

Multan: Gol Bagh

Quetta: Press Club

Gilgit: C M Park to Press Club

Islamabad: Press Club to Super Market F6

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