“Betrayal; No Longer My Friend”: Students React To Shafqat Mahmood’s Decision To Restart Regular Classes

Shafqat Mahmood is quite a social media star at this point!

ImageThe Education Minister, Shafqat Mahmood, had become a favorite among Pakistan’s school-going children during the coronavirus pandemic as the schools remained shut for much of the year.

The memes calling him the “the prime minister of children” were widespread on social media platforms.

So it was only expected that the minister’s announcement on Thursday, which stated that regular five-day classes would restart at schools from the 1st of March, would be met with disappointment by his ‘fans.’

Students’ Responses.

In response, several users questioned whether COVID-19 had ‘disappeared from the country.

Some users were shocked at the news and reacted in a not-so-good manner.

One Twitter user put up an image of the minister and wrote, “He’s no longer my friend.”

Another made a meme with the caption: “The worst thing regarding betrayal is that it never comes from an enemy.”

An (introvert) user expressed sadness at having to meet real people again and do handwritten assignments:

One user shared a meme of IT workers embracing each other with the caption: “Pakistani parents right now,” referring to the parents’ relief not to have their children at home all the time anymore:

And lastly and with resignation, one user tapped into the country’s most popular social media trend and said: “No more pawri.”

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