Study in Dubai for Pakistani students | Universities, living cost, and visa process

Many universities in Dubai provide education consultancies so students can make better decisions before applying for any program.

study in Dubai

Dubai is one of the ideal destinations for any international student searching for a unique and great study experience. Many universities in Dubai provide education consultancies so students can make better decisions before applying for any program.

The Cost of Study in Dubai 

The cost of study in Dubai depends on various factors, including the institute and the course in which a student chooses to enroll. On average, students expect to pay 48,000 AED (PKR 2,228,211) for the Maters program and 120,000 AED (PKR 5,570,529) for some specialized graduate degree programs. Moreover, students can also apply for a scholarship to get admission in various universities of Dubai.

In addition, all international students must have valid health insurance to stay in the city. The medical examination includes tests for HIV, hepatitis, and many others.

Well-Reputed Universities in Dubai

There is a list of universities in Dubai that offer a variety of courses which are as follows:

Student Visa

There are some rules and procedures for Foreign Students in Dubai to apply for a visa. If a student wants to get a permit, He/She usually needs sponsorship by a country resident.

Many universities offer this service, and students can get an educational visa. However, students must be aware of the fact that the sponsorship does not guarantee the pass.

Moreover, the application cost falls in the range of about 3000 AED (PKR 139,263). When students are applying for their visas, they need several things, including a valid passport, tenancy agreement, and 12 passport images.  

Accommodation Cost In Dubai

Most of the educational institutions offer packages for Accommodation. However, if students take a private rented residence, they have to pay around 3700 AED (PKR 171,758) per month and other utility expenses of 440 AED (PKR 20,425)

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