Why didn’t sugar prices come down despite the Prime Minister’s notice?

The Prime Minister took notice of the increase a few days ago, but prices have risen from Rs 85 per kg to more than Rs 100.

The price of sugar in Pakistan, which was Rs 52 per kg at the end of last year, suddenly went up to Rs 75-80 per kg at the beginning of this year.

In this regard, Prime Minister Imran Khan conducted an investigation against the ‘sugar mafia’ and ordered various agencies to take action against those responsible.

After the PM’s involvement, it was expected that the prices of sugar in the market would come down, but this did not happen, and prices continued to rise.

The Prime Minister took notice of the increase a few days ago, but prices have risen from Rs 85 per kg to more than Rs 100.

Can prices be reduced on the PM’s notice?

A central official of the Sugar Mills Owners Association, Aslam Farooq, told The Independent Urdu that sugar mills have been supplying sugar at Rs 88-90 per kg.

Mr. Farooq added the current prices are high due to a rising demand; sugar mills are trying to meet the demand.

He said that unless sugar is imported, sugar prices are unlikely to fall.

When asked if the Prime Minister has taken notice of the price hike, how can it not be reduced? the official replied that the owners of sugar mills have submitted their explanations to the Sugar Commission of Inquiry and the courts. According to details, the owners of sugar mills have also provided a record of sugar prices in terms of sugarcane prices and other expenses.

Waiting for a Notification

The Provincial Minister for Industry and Commerce, Mian Aslam Iqbal, said that we are ready to reduce the prices of sugar on the notice of Prime Minister Imran Khan. However, the federal government has not yet issued instructions to decrease the rates of sugar.

“When the federal government fixes the prices and issues instructions to the provinces, immediate action will be taken against those selling expensive sugar.”

In response to a question on how long the prices are likely to be fixed, The Provisional Minister said, “The federal government has not given any deadline in this regard. Whenever a directive is received, it will be implemented.”

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