This Suicide Bomber Will NOT Be Called Terrorist Because He Is White

57-year-old Robert Lewis Dear admitted killing 3 people at a Planned Parenthood, Dylann Roof, a white supremacist, murdered 9 African American as a result of Charleston Church mass shooting and then the Austin bomber Anthony Conditt – the media had countless names for them from mentally upset to suffering from depression to what not.

But, there was one word that media despite the killing of hundreds of people are afraid to call them and that is terrorist. It seems like the term has been only specified if your skin is brown or you’re a Muslim. It’s ironic that if the attacker has the religious affiliation to Islam, the topic of mental health never comes under question and the entire Muslim community living in these heterogeneous ‘’liberal’’ societies suffer from extreme labels like extremists and terrorists.

We don’t need to dive deeper into the history to discover examples. Let’s just go one day back on March 21st, when 23-year-old Mark Anthony terrorized the city of Austin when explosions, killing two and injuring several. But, soon after it, media along with condemning the incident labelled Anthony as mentally challenged.

The authorities and media purposefully avoid using the word terrorist for white people and instead always have justifications for these horrifying acts, calling them frustrated due to problems in their own life.

It is concerning that these advocates and apparent world leaders of human rights are scared to use the label for their homegrown terrorists while will slap it on a Muslim or a black man without thinking twice. As writer and producer David Simon said that it’s his wish to once listen mainstream media calling confession of a Muslim or black suspect to crime as ‘’the outcry of a very challenged young man, talking about challenges that led him to this point’’ before death.
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