Super Model Ayyan Ali Makes a Comeback

Supermodel Ayyan Ali is finally back after after a long break.


Supermodel Ayyan Ali has finally made her comeback to social media after a long break.

The renowned model and singer had been away from the media after receiving bail in the infamous money laundering scandal that led to her arrest. 

Ayyan Ali returned to social media by posting a picture of herself and captioned it with “What’s up ya all beautiful people?”

In a series of tweets, the model and singer further wrote that her song “Earthquake” is still being loved by the fans. She added that her song has been played over 30 million times on SoundCloud, besides getting over 15 million views on Youtube. 

“It’s so good to have so much love positivity I have gotten through u guys from 2009 to up till now & I pray it only continues to increase with every passing day inshaaAllah. ThankYou,” Ayyan Ali wrote. 

Moreover, Ayyan Ali also hinted towards an early release of her upcoming projects but, she didn’t give out any further details. 

Ayyan Ali’s Involvement in Money Laundering Case: 

The 26-year-old was apprehended at the Benazir International Airport after the Airport Security Force found a whopping amount of US$ 506,800 in her luggage. 

This amount exceeded the legal limit which can be carried out of Pakistan. 

During the investigation, Ayyan Ali reportedly named many top Pakistani politicians and models who were involved in money laundering. 

Ayyan Ali was later released on bail. 

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  • Lanat is kunjri aor zardari harami per, Jin ki waha say aek emandar kustom officer ko witness honeki waja say robery ka drama kurwa kur qatal kur diya gya tha.
    Wait kunjri rang lahay ga na haq qatal ka lahu.

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