Superstar Fahad Mustafa was once treated as spot boy by Meera

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In an old interview, actor Fahad Mustafa revealed that film actress Meera once treated him like a spot boy.

In 2016, The Actor In Law star was invited to Maria Wasti’s morning show, Sunrise From Istanbul. He shared that once he was standing with his colleagues at an industry event, and suddenly Meera pointed at him and instructed him to come to her.

Fahad stated that when he went close to her, she told him to get a water bottle for her. Meera acted as if Fahad was a spot boy or a servant at the event.

Fahad mentioned that he was taken aback as he was an established actor by then, and Meera knew who he was. He said that despite her mistreatment, he provided her with a water bottle.

The JPNA 2 actor also confessed that he lost his cool with Meera when she appeared on his morning show as a guest. Fahad revealed that it was one of those rare moments when he had to lash out at a female actor as she was being rude on the live show.

In 2019, Meera appeared on Fahad’s show, Jeeto Pakistan, to promote her movie Baaji and even posed for a picture.

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