”I fully support restoration of student unions, ban is anti-democratic”, says Fawad Ch

Students from 50 cities came out on roads demanding their fundamental rights today.

Students across the country are out on the streets demanding the restoration of their basic rights. One of the demands the students have put forward is to lift the ban from student unions.

Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhary, has also voiced his support to the student march. In a tweet posted on his official twitter account, the federal minister termed the ban on student unions as ‘undemocratic’.

He further added that “we can always ensure that students politics must remain violence-free and regulations may be introduced for smooth functioning but a ban on students politics amounts to limit future politics.”

Not many people knew about Students’ Solidarity March until a young lady, Arooj Aurangzeb, set the internet on fire as she was seen chanting a verse of a revolutionary poem by Bismil Azimabadi. The video went viral on the internet sparking an online debate.

Basic Demands of Students’ Solidarity March:

  • Lift ban on student politics and fresh elections for unions.
  • The government should reverse its decision of the recent fee hike in educational institutions.
  • Funds for Higher Education Commission without any further cuts.
  • An end to the semester system.
  • Free imprisoned students and bar security forces from intervention in educational institutions.
  • Sexual harassment should be investigated through the establishment of committees.
  • A library, hostel, transport facility and an internet connection in every single university across the country.
  • More schools and colleges in lesser developed areas with an increase in the quota of students coming from outside the main cities.
  • The education system should be modernized as per the scientific requirements.
  • The transition from fossil fuel energy to renewable energy through the establishment of research centers in public sector universities.
  • Mashal Khan Shaheed should be honored by announcing April 13 as a national holiday.
Mashal Khan Shaheed’s father was seen in tears during the students’ solidarity march.

لاہور: طلباء مارچ میں شریک مشال خان کے والد اپنے بیٹے کو یاد کر کے آبدیدہ ہو گئے

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طلبا یکجہتی مارچ لاہور،مارچ میں شریک طلبا کی پرجوش نعرے بازی۔

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