Support us, or else Imran Khan will regain power

Ex-prime minister Imran Khan undoubtedly enjoys phenomenal public support, love, and attention. Every passing day adds to his popularity. Imran Khan’s foreign-forced regime change narrative has penetrated well among the people. Alarmingly the government asserts the same with its conduct, policies, and interviews.

Lately, In his latest interview with the Financial Times on October 19, 2022., Shehbaz Sharif has pleaded to the West to support them, or else Imran Khan will gain power. This implies that keeping ex-prime minister Imran Khan out of power enjoys the international establishment’s interest. Keeping IK away is a priority. They have done it before and will be willing to do it again if needed. Again reinforcing IK’s narrative.

Another potent question is to what extent the West is willing to go to keep Imran Khan aside. Sadly, our history is full of such tragedies where we lost gems, leaving the nation in agony and pain.

Our leadership has a history of making massive compromises for petty self gains. PMLN, PPP, and JUI have generously offered favors to the West in return for trivial personal benefits, costing the country its future and fortune. Even after 75 years, we are still shackled financially and tangled in dynastic politics.

From sharing information about the Khalistani secessionists to NROs, from Raymond Allen Davis to the Pervez Musharraf bounty scandal, from Dawn leaks to foreign-funded regime change, our history is full of unexplained events which left the parties involved with privileges and power.

Our geopolitical and economic positioning has opened a new horizon of opportunities, but it has also mounted our challenges. Our leaders, governed by self-interest, always have something to offer the international establishment.

Simply put, PM Shehbaz Sharif has threatened the international establishment that ex-prime minister Imran Khan is all geared up to regain power. His popularity is uncanny, and the Shehbaz government can only retain him if he has his back covered. This time they plan to sell the people’s democratic right to rule and choose their leader. They are selling Imran Khan’s popularity to actualize their self-interest.

The PDM government’s conduct makes the situation more suspicious. First, it is inconspicuously pushing Pakistan into diplomatic isolation. Secondly, with no friend by our side and no strategy to avert the current economic challenges, the PDM government predominantly depends on the IMF’s support and consideration. Finally, it is conveniently ignoring the mounting terrorism challenge arising in Sawat. The West’s criminal silence on the declining situation of freedom of speech in Pakistan proves that the PDM-forced regime’s initiatives have their approval.

Imran Khan is tactfully maneuvering to avoid any confrontation. But now they are exploring possibilities with long-term consequences. The time is ticking fast. Imran should take some critical decisions logically but quickly.

Furthermore, recently the US President tagged Pakistan as a dangerous country with nuclear weapons without cohesion. A wise man won’t take the two statements in isolation. It’s time to sit back and ponder, are we as a nation safe in the hands of the PDM-forced regime?

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