Supreme Court Highly Concerned Over Quality Of Drinking Water In Punjab, Harmful Components Found – Read It Here

The Supreme Court has shown great reservations and concerns over the quality of drinking water in Punjab particularly.  Three-membered bench chaired by Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar reprimanded Chief Secretary Punjab Zahid Saeed over the quality of water in the province.

He was also asked to postpone all of his planned activities and accompany the bench while the cases related to water contamination are being heard at the Lahore registry. SC showed the strong determination that after Karachi, now Punjab will be secured from this major health concern.  The drinking water used by the majority of the population in Punjab has a high arsenic content in it.

How Is Arsenic Leading Cause Of Health Problems In Pakistan:

Arsenic is a natural component that is present in the earth crust, widely distributed between land, air, and water. Thus it is present in high percentage in groundwater and is extremely toxic in its organic form.
For a better understanding of how this can pose a serious threat to people’s lives, here are some of the health implications that high arsenic content cause:


– Longterm exposure to arsenic through drinking water can be a contributing cause of skin lesions and cancer
– Linked to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.
– If the water used for irrigation has a high arsenic percentage, the hazards travel onto food as well. Hence, you can face consequences if you aren’t directly consuming the water as well.
– Early exposure even in utero can cause negative affects o cognitive development and deaths in young adults.
– Immediate acute poisoning symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, numbness, muscle cramps and in most extreme cases, death.
(Source: WHO/mediacentre/factsheets)

The list of these signs includes some that we may experience frequently but ignore. It is important to dig the root cause and have proper treatment before it’s too late.

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