Surprising or shocking? Google reveals Pakistani net users’ search habits are changing!

The results might surprise you!

Think with Google is a consumer insight tool that helps brands understand what their potential buyers are looking for. The tool compiles real-time data of people’s search habits and analyzes it to indicate how their online behavior is changing.

For the first time, this tool was utilized to measure, “What is Pakistan searching for?”. A detailed report was released to answer this question, which discussed the search habits and online behavior of Pakistanis over the past three years.

Positive revelations

The key takeaways of the report include many positive revelations. Approximately 73 percent of users are spending time on YouTube/month, 550 percent increase is seen in search results related to ‘online classes’ and searches for ‘with me’ videos, and ‘DIY’ tutorials rose to 150 percent and 144 percent, respectively.

There is a 68 percent surge in the digital population of Pakistan, of which 78 million users are searching for watching, reading, learning, buying, or running a business.

Considering the online purchases, Pakistanis are making more informed decisions. The fact that 55 percent of shoppers first search for a product, learn more about it on YouTube, gain insight from reviews and consult user feedback proves this.

Overall, 81 percent of Pakistanis are inclined to make informed decisions, which leads to the presumption that compromises are not their cup of tea anymore.

Vegetarian cuisine, fitness, workouts

The YouTube searches related to ‘vegetarian cuisine’, ‘fitness’, and ‘HIIT workout’ indicated a 1.5 times jump, 189 percent growth, and 175 percent increase, respectively. This trend signifies that the country’s population is welcoming a positive mind and body image.

Moreover, Pakistanis have become interested in searching for ‘clear skies’ (300 percent search result rise), ‘clean air’ (225 percent search result rise), and ‘clear water’ (217 percent search result rise).

These stats display that a seemingly evident population is trying to understand the impact of activities on air quality and pollution levels. Therefore, it can be concluded that Pakistanis are attempting to become more environmentally aware.

To sum it all up, COVID-19 has majorly impacted users’ online behavior. If you are interested to know more, see the report for yourself.

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