[VIDEO] Ranveer Singh under criticism for ‘mocking’ Sushant Singh Rajput in a recent ad

Following this, SSR's fans started a trend #BoycottBingo on Twitter.

  • Fans of Sushant Singh Rajput accuse Ranveer Singh of mocking the late actor.
  • People are exasperated by a new ad featuring actor Ranveer Singh, which they found derogatory.

Ranveer and Sushant
Sushant Singh Rajput’s fans criticize actor Ranveer Singh for allegedly mocking the late actor.

The famous Indian brand named Bingo that sells chips and snacks has come under fire after posting an ad featuring Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh.

Miffed fans of actor Sushant Singh Rajput slammed the brand on social media over the new advertisement, claiming that it is pointed at mocking the late actor who died earlier this year.

In the commercial, which is for a fried snack brand, Ranveer deals with inquisitive elders by spouting complex physics formulas and terms in a gibberish sentence. Sushant’s fans saw it as ‘mocking’ their idol.

The video shows Ranveer stopped by nosy elders at a party, who ask him, “what are your plans for the future?”. Irritated by the questions, he devises a way to end it once and for all. It was the use of the words ‘paradoxical photons’ that triggered the Kai Po Chi actor’s fans as ‘photon’ is mentioned in Rajput’s Twitter bio, ‘Photon in a double-slit.’

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However, some people felt the hate tweets were pointless.


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  • Both Husband and wife are jokers. Deserve each other. His wife use to be the admin of Drug whatsapp group and so influential are these muggers that the story is altogether out from the news

  • If it was for good intentions then they should have mentioned his name saying this ad is tribe to ssr…… So don’t even try that bullsh*t!!!

  • Ravir singh u r a joker,u dnt know ssr was a gem u all killed him now making fun pf him shame on u,jab woh zinda tha tab us ki qadar nai ki ab woh nai dunya main toh us ka mazak ura rehy ho
    Boycott ranvir singh

  • Why people are always negative. . It was in a good way to remember ssr ridiculous why would ranveer make fun of Sushant they have same background. #boycotttoxicminds

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