Sushant Singh Rajput’s house help shares ‘explosive insights’ of his last days before death

Ek dum gum sum ho gaye the. We wanted to speak to him, but darr lagta tha. 


In a recent interview, Sushant Singh Rajput’s house-help, Neeraj, shared explosive insights into the late actor’s life before he died. Neeraj was the last person to speak to the actor and one of the four people to see the body first.

Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case has turned into a mystery, with various theories being linked to it. He addresses each of them.

Neeraj’s last conversation with Sushant

Neeraj recalled, “He asked me for a glass of water and enquired how things were. I said everything was fine. He was unwell ever since he returned from Europe. We were informed that he was being treated for depression, but we didn’t think it was all that bad. He had gone quiet and used to sleep a lot.”

On the person in charge of the actor’s medicine

Contradicting Siddharth Pithani’s claims that Sushant had entrusted him with medicines, he clarified, “Rhea (Chakraborty) would give the medicine to Sushant. We would go to sir’s room only when there was some work and that too after being permitted to do so.”

On Sushant asking girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty to leave on 8 June 

Neeraj said, “I don’t know if sir asked her to leave or there was a fight between them, but Rhea ma’am asked me to pack her clothes in two suitcases. When she left, sir was sitting quietly in his room, and he seemed sad. I really don’t know what happened between them.”

On being one of the first four people to see Sushant’s body

He recalled, “It was Siddharth Pithani who saw him first, then Deepesh and I. He had hung himself with his own Fab India kurta. Siddharth cut it (the cloth), and the body fell directly on the bed. We were all scared to touch it. By then, his sister had come and started asking us questions. The police came after 30 minutes.” 

About Sushant being upset on reading about former manager Disha Salian’s demise

Neeraj said, “He did get upset, but he was already in that state of mind for a long time. He used to be quiet from the past four to five months. Ek dum gum sum ho gaye the. We wanted to speak to him, but darr lagta tha. 

Whether the actor threw a party on June 13

Dismissing the reports, Neeraj said, “Whatever parties happened, it was before the lockdown, and most of it had Rhea and her friends. Sir participated in it earlier but stopped as he didn’t like it. Most of Rhea’s friends had become his friends, and none of his friends came to the house.”

On Rhea spending Sushant’s money

Neeraj said, “Sir had given her the freedom to do that. Had he controlled, she would not have done whatever she felt like in the house as she took complete charge of the house.”

About the old house being haunted

Recalling the experience with his former employer, he said, “We did not see anything. But there have been times when the lights would go off on their own suddenly, and the lift would go up-and-down with no one inside it. There were times when we had to go up to the upper floor to shut the window, and the lights would just go off.”

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