SHOCKING REVELATIONS: Sushant Singh Rajput wanted to get married to Sara Ali Khan?

Raees, Sushant's former caretaker revealed that Sushant was extremely serious about Sara.

During Kedarnath\\’s shooting, Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan became close and even vacationed together in Bangkok. Eventually, the two started dating. The relationship lasted for a brief time.

However, latest revelations by Raees, who was Sushant\\’s former caretaker unveiled that Sushant was extremely serious about Sara.In fact,  Sushant was planning to propose to Sara Ali Khan.

Speaking to a media outlet, Raees revealed shocking information:

\\’\\’Sara Ali started visiting the farmhouse with Sushant sir, in 2018. They would stay at the farmhouse for three to four days whenever they came. After returning from their Thailand trip in December 2018, Sushant sir and Sara ma\\’am came directly to the farmhouse from the airport. They arrived at around 10 or 11 in the night. A friend accompanied them\\’\\’.

Sushant\\’s caretaker further stated:

Sara ma\\’am was very well mannered and did not behave like an actress. She was so simple. She would address the farmhouse\\’s domestic help as maushi (aunty), just as Sushant sir did, and she called me Raees bhai. She was very respectful towards Sushant sir\\’s staff.

Talking about Sushant and Sara\\’s relationship, Raees said:

Sushant sir was planning to propose to Sara ma\\’am during the Daman trip. He also wanted to give her a gift, but the trip was canceled. After that, a trip to Kerala was being planned, but that, too, got canceled. Later, around February or March 2019, I heard that the two had broken up. Sara ma\\’am never came to the farmhouse after January 2019.

He further added:

\\’\\’I remember Abbas bhai, Sushant\\’s friend, told me to pack my bags for a trip to Daman on Sushant sir\\’s birthday, in January 2019. It would always be my responsibility to take care of a car stuffed with his things, like a telescope, music system, guitar, etc. However, a program of the Prime Minister was scheduled to take place around February in Daman. So, all the hotels were full, and we could not get any rooms. So, our Daman trip did not happen\\’\\’.

Raees finally concluded by saying:

I don\\’t know what the proposal was about. I am not sure if it was a wedding proposal or not, because I had only overheard two of Sushant sir\\’s friends discussing that he was planning to give her a gift and propose to her.

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