VIDEO: Ex-RAW Officer Claims Sushant Singh Was Murdered By Dawood Ibrahim

Sushant had reportedly received death threats over the phone.

Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case has turned into a mystery, with various theories being linked to it.

Recently, a former officer of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), NK Sood, has claimed that Sushant was “murdered by India’s most wanted criminal and drug dealer Dawood Ibrahim.”

In a recent YouTube video, NK Sood asserted that Dawood murdered Sushant with a “foolproof plan.” He further added that although Dawood doesn’t live in Mumbai anymore, he still has a huge stronghold over the city and Bollywood.

The PK movie actor Sushant had reportedly received death threats over the phone. Due to which he had even changed his SIM almost 50 times and even slept in his car at a remote place.

Sood highlighted that the CCTV cameras at his apartment were not functional, and the duplicate keys of his room were missing because it was a professionally planned and executed murder.

All this evidence is enough to conclude that the actor was murdered, said the ex-RAW officer, and added that Sushant’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty, his close friend Sandeep Singh and his domestic help had a fair idea of all these troubles brewing in Sushant’s life.

“But they chose to stay away from it and leave the actor alone.”

He also alleged that the police were trying to show that they were probing the case sincerely, but they were trying to save the culprit in reality.

Here is the video of NK Sood:

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  • This sounds extremely funny. What does Dawood Ibrahim has to do with Sushant Sing’s murder. This is the level of RAW and its agent

  • What a moron RAW AGENT, any how this is the best one can expect from RAW, some one should ask this idiot where went the humiliations that he SUSHANT was subjected to from the Industry, why did you changed your version that he was not given the respect he wanted or deserved as initially media projected, why did you shut those videos in which Shusant is shown being isulted , laughed at by senior actors, the actresses have refused to work for him, so on and so on.
    Why do yo even thing that Dawood Ibrahim will get involved in a failed actor? Either Shusant was himself involved in underworld activities and directly competing with Dawood Ibrahim or has said some thing against Dawood Ibrahim so dab that offended DI to this extent that he murdered him risking his already troubled life.

  • He was murdered by Bollywood Illuminati that is lead by Karan Johar and Salman Khan.

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