Fearless Swabi woman undergoes sex reassignment surgery to become a man [PICTURES]

''A final decision about my sister's gender would be announced after full recovery from procedures''.

Pakistani woman underwent sex reassignment surgery.

A 40-year-old woman residing in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa’s Swabi district underwent sex reassignment surgery (SRS) on Friday. While speaking to a media outlet, the woman’s brother Inam ul Hassan said:

My sister is an EDO education at Razzar Tehsil in Swabi. She underwent two surgeries earlier as well in Haripur district.

According to reports, the unmarried woman is living with her parents in her native village, Yar-e-Hussain. Inam ul Hassan further shared:

A final decision about my sister’s gender would be announced after full recovery from procedures.

Pleased to have another brother in the family, Inam said:

I have six sisters and two brothers but now would have an elder brother in the shape of Umer Qureshi (referring to his sister’s new name).

A senior official in the district education office talked about the case and said:

It was the prerogative of the provincial education ministry to retain her on EDO’s position or change it as she is not a “woman” anymore. She needs a medical certificate from relevant doctors after going through such a procedure as it is a legal requirement in such cases.

The official further explained:

I cannot comment on her future assignments as the rights she would enjoy at her office are purely provincial ministry’s domain. All I can say is that she would need to produce medical certificates.

Doctors recommend people to truly accept their gender.

What do the Doctors say?

While speaking to the media outlet, a doctor said:

The gender-changing procedures conducted abroad are considered legal. However, in Pakistan, due to legal restrictions and religious reasons, we hide our patients from the public while the family also keeps mum.

The doctor added:

The procedure requires two surgeries, one for gender changing and one for dominating the sex nature gave them. Such patients have symptoms of both genders, but procedures can vary from being simple to complex depending on the patient’s body structure.

The doctor further shared:

After the procedures, we always issue the patient’s certificate for changing their names and genders in legal documents. If they are serving in public offices, they need to make changes in the respected department as well.

What do doctors say about gender transplant surgery?

Gender Transplant Surgery is Acceptable

The doctor urged the people not to hesitate to undergo such procedures if they require to do so. He said:

Don’t be shy about who you really are. Such procedures are primarily conducted in Thailand or other countries, but it needs legal coverage in Pakistan to avoid legal restrictions.

The doctor concluded the statement by saying:

I usually perform 20 to 30 such procedures in a year, but people don’t take their certificates and try to hide the changes.

While experts urge people to step out of their fear, people battling gender discrepancies are still too afraid to accept themselves truly. Only time will tell whether society will start being inclusive of these people or not.

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  • There is a difference in sex reassignment for transgenders, who are people born with a defect in their primary sex. Later on in life, they develop their secondary sex characteristics. Therefore it is something natural, such as a boy starting to develop female genitalia and other organs such as a womb etc are also developed in his body. Likewise there are girls, who at the time of puberty experience development of male sexual organs. For them, sex reassignment surgeries are good. However, there are some people who reassign their sex according to will. For example a person is born a man but asks the surgeon to remove his original genitalia or add some genitalia and also inject hormones to develop secondary sex characteristics, then it is Haraaam and is basically a deception plus it is medically a disaster as well. Such people do not live well beyond forty years of age. Have multiple psychiatric issues due to administering different hormones and they are much more likely to indulge in drug abuse, specially for sexual enhancement purposes.

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