How Syra Yousuf gracefully reacted to a comment calling her ‘beautiful but replaceable’

So confident and composed!

The Mera Naseeb star Syra Yousuf recently uploaded a no-makeup and no-filter picture on Instagram, and fans & followers were all praise for her being so comfortable in her skin.

However, one of them had something else to say.


Being so beautiful and still replaceable, saddest story

When the follower sympathized with her for “being replaced,” Syra knew exactly how to respond.

You’re only replaceable if you think you can be replaced

People had been debating on different social media platforms, with many comparing her recent separation with Shahroz Sabzwari and rumors of his companionship with model Sadaf Kanwal as a prime example of “being so beautiful but still replaceable.”

The comment hit on a different level when the model, Sadaf, uploaded her nikkah picture with Syra’s ex-husband Shehroz Sabzwari on Instagram yesterday.

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  • A slight correction. Syra is irreplaceable.  She still rules the hearts of millions.  It is Shehroz who is replaceable.  There can be only one Syra but Shehroz are found at every nook and corner.  He has come out as a villain.

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