Syra Yousuf looks breath-taking in latest photoshoot | PICTURES

Syra Yousuf is a popular name in the entertainment industry of Pakistan. The actress never ceases to make headlines, and is a fan-favorite.

After a drought that lasted years, she is back again on our television screens as Aarzoo Daniel in Sinf-e-Aahan. People are in love with her character and have appreciated her for breathing life into the role.

Recently, the actress modeled for Khadija Shah’s Zaha and she looked absolutely breathless! She is shining in stunning traditional wear. We have gathered photos for you from her photoshoot below.

Pictures of the photoshoot:

Syra Yousuf looks gorgeous for Zaha

Syra Yousuf looks breathtaking!

Syra Yousuf for ZAHA

The actress looks stunning in zaha

Syra oozes elegance

The actress looks stunning in zaha

The actress looks stunning in zaha

Syra Yousuf looks breathtaking!

the Actress looks elegant in Zaha

Syra Yousuf looks breathtaking!

Syra Yousuf

Syra Yousuf was put on the pedestal after her ‘not so private’ divorce from Shahroz Sabzwari.

In an interview, she spoke up about the ordeal, saying that the media often got ‘offensive’ while talking about her situation. She said that she was already encountering a very tough time in her life, and the media continued to milk her divorce. She decided to then shut out from the world, and reflect inwards.

The couple announced their split back in 2020, and also have a daughter together. The public was quick to appreciate Syra for handling the entire incident ‘maturely’. Soon after her divorce, she made a comeback in the industry, as not only did she start acting again, but she also continued modeling.

Yousuf is a heart favorite, not only because of her acting skills but personality as well. It is no surprise that people were excited to see her in Sinf-e-Aahan. Her fans await more content from her, as she has made a booming return in the industry.

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