Tahir Ashrafi criticizes advertisers for featuring women in ads despite having so many good looking men

Ashrafi said that women should not be "unnecessarily featured in advertisements," adding that he is against such practices. 


The Special Representative of the Prime Minister on Religious Harmony, Maulana Tahir Ashrafi, has criticized women’s appearance in ads. He said that “despite having so many good-looking men in Pakistan, sponsors still hire women to represent their brands.”

Speaking to a local media news outlet, Ashrafi said that women should not be “unnecessarily featured in advertisements,” adding that he is against such practices. 

The religious scholar also emphasized other important matters and said that upon the directions of the PM, Pakistan is globally combating the rise of Islamophobia.

“For this purpose, the government has started reaching out to various Islamic scholars worldwide,” Ashrafi said, adding that those who have been posting blasphemous content on websites have been arrested.

Regarding the growing danger of sexual crimes in the country, he said that perpetrators must be confined as these crimes cannot be ignored. 

“The ulema have a role to play in abolishing vulgarity, terrorism, and extremism from the country,” Ashrafi said.

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