Talal Ch’s sexist, misogynist remarks about PTI leader draw ire – once again

He is back in the limelight, for all the wrong reasons, once again.


PML-N leader Talal Chaudhry makes the headlines – again, for his sexist, misogynist remarks about a female politician. He draws ire this time for his low remarks about PTI leader Kanwal Shozab during a live television show.


His conduct was condemned by the social media community, as well as female politicians including Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari.

“Talal [Chaudhry] and his cohorts including [Khawaja] Asif abuse women in and out of parliament and don’t have the moral courage to apologize,” Mazari wrote. 

The exchange of heated words occurred between PMLN’s Talal Ch and PTI’s Kanwal Shozab when Talal lost his cool and resorted to pathetic, low and misogynist remarks about the woman leader.

In the video that went viral, Shozab can be seen asking Talal to ‘respect women’, to which he replies to ‘act like one first’.

The clip was also shared by famed analyst Mosharraf Zaidi, who termed Talal as a ‘regular offender’ and called his language as sick.

”It would be disingenuous to feign shock or awe at this language by Talal Ch. He is a regular offender. Every few days we see such attacks on women in the public domain. And yet the attackers maintain their stature. Sick,” he wrote. 

Ch Fawad also commented on the video, terming Talal’s remarks as truly shameful. 

This definitely is not the first time he has made headlines for the said reason. Previously, he had been sentenced for contempt of court. He also holds the reputation for being a misogynist, for his indecent and immoral language for his fellow female politicians.

Not too long ago, he came under fire for disgraceful remarks about Firdous Ashiq Awan. And he is back in the limelight, for all the wrong reasons, once again.

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  • wth, it was the woman who used word “dallal”. also zspecial seat for women should be abolished.

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