Talat Hussain Embarrasses Himself By Criticizing MBS’ Visit & Posting Photos of COAS’s KSA Visit

The India and Pakistan fiasco continues after the Pulwama attacks. With the general public attitudes being dependent on media, it also has the responsibility to present Pakistan’s narrative in front of the world. Compared to India’s powerful broadcasting arms

The Pulwama attack, as horrifying it was in the magnitude, also had equally dangerous aftermath. With pushing the Pakistan and India relations back to the initial point, which saw some improvement and progress after a long while inspiring some hope, the unfortunate timings also impacted the environment on this part of the border.

Giving rise to an environment of hostility within India, providing fuel to the election campaign of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its extremist political factions, the attacks happening a day before visit Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s historic to Pakistan changed dynamics, now putting pressure to play the neutral role. Saudi Crown Prince had to visit India soon after his visit in Pakistan, blessing more significance to his diplomatic presence in the region.

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In such sensitive circumstances, journalist Talat Hussain pointing out an alleged ‘something missing’ in the pictures which he mistook to be from Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s recent visit had his investigative skills gone all wrong. Posting pictures, Talat wrote that he can’t understand why is there only Saudi flag at the back and not Pakistan’s.

”Since I am not well versed in the intricacies of protocol, trying to understand the absence of the Pakistani flag? Can someone plz explain this?” – he wrote on Twitter.

People were quick to notice and he was immediately mocked by the social media community, who criticised him for this mistake. Here is what people had to say:

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