From Noor Jehan to Abida Parveen: Meet the makeup artist who recreates iconic looks of influential Pakistani women [PICTURES]

She has become a viral sensation for posting imaginative makeup looks inspired by influential women from Pakistani History.

Social media is the ultimate platform for showcasing one’s creativity and talent to the masses. Many artisans have utilized the platform to the maximum of its potential to present themselves to the world.

Instagram and Twitter are exceptionally popular with artists from all walks of life to market their skills. It’s safe to say that you will be left stunned by the sheer amount of inventiveness beaming out of your phone screen while scrolling through these sites.

Amidst all the creativity clutter on social media, one artist stands out from the rest – Izat Bibi, a blogger and makeup artist who identifies herself as Wakhi Pakistani American. She has become a viral sensation for posting imaginative makeup looks inspired by influential women from Pakistani History (from the 1940s onwards). Fans and followers are obsessed with her recreations of iconic celebrities from the past!

Here are some of our top picks from the looks she has posted so far: 

1. Madam Noor Jehan:

No talk of influential women from Pakistani history is complete without mentioning the iconic singer and actor Madam Noor Jehan. Izat Bibi recreated Malika-e-Tarannum’s signature look, featuring an updo adorning large pink flowers tucked into the bun and loose curls gracefully falling around the face. Heavy eye make-up, strikingly overlined lips, and a gorgeous emerald green saree with a matching silk choker perfectly completed the look.

2. Fatima Jinnah

The blogger also recreated the Madar-e-Millat’s look with incredible finesse. Understated make-up featuring a nude lip and soft eyeliner really defined the style of Fatima Jinnah’s look. However, the classic gharara, a starched dupatta draped gracefully over the head, and a string of pearls around the neck were the true stars of this iconic transformation.

3. Nazia Hasan

The look inspired by Nazia Hasan was the most simple of all yet an equally striking recreation done by Izat Bibi. The talented blogger paired a blue turtleneck with a pair of dungarees to duplicate a look from one of Nazia’s stellar performances. The pair of thick braids she donned with hair left loose around the face truly captured the quintessential Nazia feel. Light make-up and a pair of false eyelashes just completed the Disco Deewane singer’s girly look.

4. Abida Parveen

Another viral transformation created by the blogger is of the world-famous singer Abida Parveen. Izat perfectly encapsulated the celebrity’s essence with the minimal makeup look, hinting at the singer’s distinct choice of staying bare-faced. She left her hair open, tousled and wavy, falling freely over her shoulders, and wore a loose-fitting brown kurta to display the maestro’s fashion truly. The ajrak draped around the blogger’s neck just topped it all with perfection.

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