Tax Nikaal: Online Prankster Nadir Ali Gets Massive Tax Evasion Order. Here’s How Much

According to the tax department, many notices have been served to the YouTuber, but he has not replied to any of them.


Tax authorities believe that a famous YouTuber and Prankster Nadir Ali, who runs a channel called P for Pakao, owes them Rs.13 million.

The Federal Board of Revenue has been investigating Ali for concealment of income for some time now. The matter has now  been assigned to the Chief Commissioner Inland Revenue Tax Office in Karachi for “implementation and recovery of the tax evaded.”

According to the tax department, many notices have been served to the YouTuber, but he has not replied to any of them.

Nadir Ali has no option other than to appeal the order before the Commissioner Appeals in the RTO office in Karachi.


Nadir Ali listed with the income tax department on the 13th of October 2017 and registered records for the tax years 2016 to 2019. In the first two years (2016 and 2017), he claimed zero income, while in the next two years (2018 and 2019), revenue was reported at PKR 809,762 and PKR 14.44 million, respectively.

According to the FBR investigation, Ali’s tax returns do not contain a full record of his earnings, leading them to believe he has concealed his income.

As per details, Nadir Ali received an income of PKR 2.186 million in the tax year 2017, PKR 28.335 million in 2018, and PKR 46.762 million in the tax year 2019. The details of the payment have been confirmed by the FBR from YouTube.

The case marks a first milestone in the FBR’s continuing attempts to increase its reach into the domain of online incomes.

A senior official of the FBR said, “People need to realize that revenues generated from online content is taxable and records need to be maintained for five years and stated in their annual return filings.”

Speaking to a source through his lawyer, Ali denied having not responded to the FBR. “We received their notice and responded through in-person appearance and then applied for an extension in the time to file a response. Our application was approved, and we are working now to resolve this through all proper means,” he said.


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