Teefa Isn’t The Only One In Trouble: Creative Director of ‘Kayseria’ Under Fire For His Controversial Remarks About Sexual Harassment

Looks like Teefa isn’t the only one in trouble! Creative Director of Kayseria and son of Hamid Zaman, founder of the retail brand Bareeze, Waleed Zaman, has landed himself in a messed up situation after his highly-controversial remarks about sexual harassment.

Pakistanis have called for boycotting infamous women clothing brands, Bareeze and Kayseria, after Waleed Zaman was caught on camera joking and mocking, completely ignoring the sensitivity of the subject.

Protestors gathered outside the cinema to protest against Ali Zafar’s new movie ‘Teefa in Trouble’ as four women, including popular singing icon Meesha Shafi, have previously accused him of sexual harassment.

Not just this, the protestors also had reservations about the actual content of the movie. The movie revolves around planning kidnap of a girl and has a song, ‘Item Number Nahi Karoongi’ centred on the lead Ali Zafar forcing his co-actor Maya Ali to do an item song.

Fun fact: The song lyrics are written by Ali Zafar himself as well.

During the protest, Waleed Zaman was seen walking out of a cinema while the protestors ask him why he went to see the movie and what his views on it are. In a rather unwise move, Waleed mocked the protestors and shouted ‘because I support sexual harassment of women’ in a rather ridiculing manner and was caught on camera.

The video went viral irking aggressive condemnation from the social media community.

In a failed effort to neutralize the situation, Waleed says that he was defending his wife while she was being harassed by the protestors. However, the video clearly shows nothing such happened and his wife was not even anywhere near the protestors. Here is what he said:

The bizarre apology and using his wife as a shield to protect further outraged the people. The intense backlash lead to him deactivating his Facebook account. Here is how social media community reacted:



The protestors today at the Nueplex Rashid Minhas were also harassed and rangers were called on them. Police and Rangers took their phones, made them delete the videos and allegedly also took them to the basement, subjecting them to physical violence.

After failed efforts to curb the done damage, people are demanding a resignation from Waleed from the position Creative Head due to his insensitivity of such a grave issue women face – all while his customer base is women as well.

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