Teen Rescued After Attempting Suicide For The Second Time As A ‘Blue Whale’ Game’s Challenge

Blue Whale Game has caused a social media frenzy after the number of recorded suicide cases started increasing.
Being talked on many platforms, Blue Whale caught attention after the entire methodology of how they work and psychologically manipulate teens was revealed.



Another horrific case of the case was revealed as an Indian teenager from Jodhpur attempted suicide for the second time, both times as a task of the game.

The first time girl told her parents that she is going out with her friends. She carved the whale with a blade on her arm and threw her mobile phone before jumping in the Kailana Lake.

Later she also said that ‘’If I don’t do this, my mother will die’’, which shows the psychological trauma of this game.

On Wednesday, 17 years old was taken to the hospital after she consumed an excessive amount of sleeping pills. She was rushed to ICU for urgent medical aid.

Dr. KR Daukiya later told that the girl was quite stressed first but after getting the initial treatment she opened up regarding how she got involved in playing this game.

The hospital has decided to provide her counseling with depression to help her regain self-esteem.

The cases are not only horrifying but also a concern for everyone. Parents need to closely monitor their children’s online activities and should seek proper help in case if an unusual shift is observed in their behavior.

Not just the Blue Whale Game, we need to do our part in making the online space safe for our youth.

What do you think about the rising suicide cases due to Blue Whale Game? Let us know in the comments below.

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